Premier Championship Division 6 Round 3

Good effort by our 3rd team this evening in Summerhill in the Premier Championship v Bective. Trailing by 5 points at the break the lads put in a great 2nd half but just losing by the minimum on a score line of Summerhill 0-11 Bective 1-9. Special mention to two players making their debuts. One of last year minors Euan McGivern making his adult debut and Daithi O’Brien who recently joined the club.

Team: Stephen Lynch, Paddy Troy, John Comey, Darren Chapman, Kevin Mulligan, Eoghan Jennings, Adam Byrne, Gavin McVann, Darragh McVann, Henrique Magno, Brian Rispin(0-7), Donal Matthews, Sean Hughes, Luke Byrne(0-3), Ray Comey(0-1).
Subs: Daithi O’Brien for Ray Comey, Euan McGivern for Adam Byrne, Ray Comey for Daithi O’Brien.

Half Time Summerhill 0.3 Bective 1.5
Full Time Summerhill 0.11 Bective 1.9

Euan McGivern

Daithi O’Brien