League Div 5 Rd 2

Team: Ross Tallon (0-1), Darren Chapman, Darragh Loughry, Paddy Troy, Jake Lyons, Gavin McVann, Euan McGivern (0-1), Darragh Tormey (0-2, 1f 1 45m), Eamonn Ryan, Jamie Gavigan, Manny Magno, Luke Byrne, Declan Lyons, Pauric Ennis, Connie McGrath, Conor Summerville (0-4, 2f). Subs: Darragh McVann. Half -time Score:  Summerhill 0-4 Skryne […]

League Div 5 Rd 1

  Team: Ross Tallon, Darren Chapman, Darragh Loughry, Paddy troy, Jake Lyons, Gavin McVann, Jamie Gavigan, Darragh Tormey (0-2), Eamonn Ryan (0-2), Conor Summerville (1-0), Cathal Brien (0-3, 1f), Luke Byrne, Declan Lyons, Paddy McGrath, Pauric Ennis (0-1). Half -time Score:  Trim 2-2 Summerhill 1-5 Full-time Score: Trim 3-8 Summerhill 1-8 […]

A-League Div 3A Rd 9

Summerhill 2nd team recorded a comfortable win in their final A-League Div 3A game in Summerhill on Thursday evening. Half-time Score: Summerhill 3-7 Simonstown 1-2 Full-time Score: Summerhill 3-14 Simonstown 1-9 Team: Robbie McDonnell, Ben Moran, Eoghan Jennings (0-1),Paddy Troy, Donal Matthews, Conor McNally, Darragh McVann, Jack Regan (0-1), Conor […]

A-League Div3A Rd7

Summerhill went into their A-League Division 3A game looking to bounce back from a defeat in the previous round to St Colmcilles. Rooted at the bottom of the table getting something from this match would be vital if they hope to survive the drop. Thing did not start well for the […]