A-League Div 3A Rd 9

Summerhill 2nd team recorded a comfortable win in their final A-League Div 3A game in Summerhill on Thursday evening. Half-time Score: Summerhill 3-7 Simonstown 1-2 Full-time Score: Summerhill 3-14 Simonstown 1-9 Team: Robbie McDonnell, Ben […]

A-League Div 3A Rd6

Half Time Score: Summerhill 0-5 St Colmcilles 1-5 Full Time Score: Summerhill 1-8 St Colmcilles 2-10 Team: Robbie McDonnell, Darren Chapman, Darragh Loughry, Paddy Troy, Darragh McVann, Kevin Mulligan (0-1), Donal Matthews, Eoghan Jennings (0-2), […]

A-League Div 3A Rd 5

Summerhill 2nd team picked up their second win of their A-League Division 3A campaign with a win against neighbours Trim in Summerhill on Thursday evening. The game which was late starting and finished in rapidly […]

A-League Div3A Rd4

Half-Time Score: Summerhill 0-4  Kilmainhamwood 0-9 Full-Time Score: Summerhill 0-7 Kilmainhamwood 0-16 Team:  Sean Muddiman,Darren Chapman,Darragh Loughrey,Paddy Troy, Donal Mathews, Darragh McVann, Eoghan Jennings, Conor Ryan, Gavin McVann, Conor Summerville (0-2), Luke Byrne, Ross Tallon […]