B-League Div 1 Rd 1

Summerhill’s second team traveled to Seneschalstown on Saturday afternoon for round one of the ACF’B’league Div 1.  and after a very good game and with nothing between the sides up to the last two minutes it was the Yellow Furze men that ran out winners. Seneschalstown scored their goal one minute into the game and on the thirteenth minute Cathal Ryan scored the ‘hills goal. Going it at the break on level terms at 1-7 each.

The second half was nip and tuck the whole way and with only minutes to go it looked like it could be a draw but Seneschalstown finished the stronger and got two points in the closing stages.

Goal scorer Cathal Ryan

1. Robbie McDonnell, 2. David Moyles, 3. Eoghan Crowe, 4. Jack Davies, 5. Jack Bannon, 6. Eoghan Jennings, 7. Eamon McDonnell, 8. Diarmaid McCabe, 9. Eamon Ryan (0-5), 10. Paul Larkin (0-1), 11. Paul Rispin, 12. Mark Donoghue, 13. Donal Feeley (0-3), 14. Cathal Brien, 15. Cathal Ryan (1-3f)

Subs: Ciaran Gillespie for Diarmaid McCabe (H-T), Jack Payne for David Moyles, Conor Sommerville for Mark Donoghue, Conor Ryan for Donal Feeley, Ross Tallon for Paul Rispin.

Half Time Summerhill 1-7. Seneschalstown 1-7
Full Time Summerhill 1-12 Seneschalstown 1-15