Premier Championship Div 2 Rd 1

Yes that was the score at half time in a game that should ensure the term “A game of two halves” is never lost to match reports. The home side were completely dominant in the opening half. The goal came from Ciaran Gillespie who also tacked on a brace of points. Cathal Ryan and Jamie O Shea were prominent with two points each, while Eamonn McDonnell chipped in with another to cap off an almost perfect first half performance.

However, the Navan men didn’t come to Summerhill just to view our newly fashioned main pitch, or our lovely new cinder walkway around it either. A combination of raising their game significantly and the home team taking the foot off the pedal saw the game swing in O’ Mahonys favour after the break. The nine point lead was whittled down relentlessly, and by the second water break the Hill advantage was reduced to 3, 1.08 to 1.05, and the home side were looking for inspiration from somewhere, anywhere, as all the momentum was now with the visitors. Five minutes later the Hoops were in front, courtesy of a cracking goal, and it took a last gasp effort from Cathal Ryan to take a share of the spoils in injury time. A great comeback by Navan O’ Mahonys then, while Summerhill can consider themselves lucky to grasp a point at the death.

Final score: Summerhill 1.10 Navan O’Mahonys 2.07
Half time: Summerhill 1.07 Navan O’Mahonys 0.01

Summerhill Team: Robbie McDonnell, Mark Donoghue, Iarla Hughes, Eoghan Jennings, Gavin McVann, Eamonn McDonnell(0.01), Jack Davies, Paddy McGrath, Ciaran Gillespie (1.02), Ross Tallon, Cathal Ryan(0.03,1f) Eamonn Ryan(0.02), Cathal Brien, Conor Summerville, Jamie O’Shea (0.02)