Summerhill GFC

Hosting Guidelines

Clubs across all three Counties of Down, Louth and Meath are expected to provide host accommodation for a visiting team. This means that clubs need to organise places to stay for 24 team players and 4 mentors.

The following guidelines should provide good advice:

Hosting of Players

  • Players must be accommodated in host family homes, with one of your own player’s families if possible.
  • Players should be accommodated in groups of two/threes. It is unacceptable for children to be singly hosted. Preference is for hosting in groups of two.
  • Children must be accommodated in single gender bedrooms and separate beds.
  • Adults must not share a room with a young person.
  • It is permitted to host any players in a home that does not have children of that household staying during the hosting period but preference if possible should be given to hosting with the family of a Féile player. A preference for child/children of the general Féile age profile shall be sought and shall be considered in the allocation of host families.
  • Great care shall be taken by the Club in the selection of homes for the Féile weekend. Host families should be well known to club officials.
  • Each host family will be required to comply with Garda vetting procedures. Application forms for Garda vetting will be distributed and must be returned immediately as all host families must approved in advance of the Féile.
  • All host families should provide contact details to the club. These details should be provided to the visiting team mentors.
  • Host families should also be given contact details of mentors and parents for their visiting players.
  • Host families should be kept informed of any special requirements a player may have e.g. conditions such as asthma, fear of dark etc.
  • It is permissible for households of a single parent to host subject to all of the above criteria.
  • Host families must be Vetted through Ulster GAA. This involves the satisfactory vetting of all persons in the host family and household who are, or shall be over the age of 18 yrs, during the hosting period. All Vetting forms must be received no later than April 1st 2018.

Hosting of Mentors

  • The host club should allow for four mentors to be accommodated.
  • Whether mentors are housed in family homes or in other accommodation is to be decided by the host club.
  • It would be advisable to make early contact with your visiting club as soon as you have their details (Draw is usually made in February or March). It will only then be possible to put many of these measures in place.  


As a host club you will be expected to provide a level of hospitality for your visiting team and mentors.

Players will have played two matches on Friday. They will also have one more game on Saturday morning. Therefore, Friday night is not suitable for organised hospitality for players. However clubs should organise food and refreshments for visiting teams immediately after the games on Friday.

On Saturday evening, it is suggested that a host club would provide some form of hospitality for visiting players and mentors. Again, if a team is still involved at this stage, the level of this hospitality will need to be decided upon. It would be important that any organised events would be carefully and strictly supervised.

Clubs will leave on Sunday morning after breakfast. Arrangements to attend the finals on Sunday 1st July, can be made with your visiting club when you make contact with them. Arrangements for attending religious services should also be discussed with your visiting club.