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Garda Vetting for Feile

When a Club chooses a household to host visiting team members it’s important to note that the members of that household must, in accordance with the National  Vetting Act, be vetted and this must be done prior to hosting.
Vetting for Féile 2018 is  carried out on-line.The on-line process is highly confidential and secure and neither the Club nor the County Board can access or see the details filled in on a vetting application form by a host family. Please also note that as part of hosting requirements at Féile 2017 we only vet host family members who are or will be over 16 yrs. of age on the date(s) of hosting. 

How do you apply for vetting?

An applicant commences the vetting process by going to and the vetting section under Child Welfare and Protection. (See Link Below)

Step 1: What is called a Vetting ID Form. Once they complete this ID form, and give it to the Féile coordinator along with the ID documents, they then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: The applicant then proceeds to complete the GAA online E-vetting Application Form on the GAA website under vetting.

Step 3: The applicant will then receive an email from the NVB containing an invite to complete the vetting application form.

Once this form has been submitted to the NVB the GAA would in normal circumstances hope to have informed the applicant that they have  successfully completed the process within a two-week period. When the GAA sends the vetting acceptance letter to a host family member by email a copy of that letter is automatically generated to go to the Secretary of the host Club at the same time. 

All queries on vetting may be sent to [email protected]

To Start the Process Click Here For The  Vetting ID Form

See Sample Application Below