Summerhill GFC

Information for Spectators

As games are starting up again the GAA have issued guidelines on the return of  spectators to Club Games.

Its important for spectators to be aware that much of the responsibility for managing Covid-19 risk remains with themselves particularly in relation to social distancing, wearing of face coverings and sanitation while attending GAA games.

The main points are outlined here:

You can view the fully document by clicking here.


Health Questionnaire

The Covid-19 Health Questionnaire that all active GAA members must have filled out before a return to activity will be available by clicking here: 

All active participants including adult players, parents and guardians of underage players and team personnel will have to fill out the Health Questionnaire online and only once.

Click here for A user guide for the Online System.

Click here for a Demonstration Video.

E-Learning Module

Reminder: Covid education course,

👉Keep a copy of the Completion Cert to send to the Covid Supervisors.


Guidelines for Players/Parents of Underage Players

Training or Match Day

  1. Please bring own water bottle with name label.
  2. Players need to use hand sanitizer going onto and off the pitch at all times.
  3. We are asking that only people involved in session remain. The message from GAA is Get In, Train, Get Out. Unfortunately, it is not a social thing and if any parents remain they must practice social distancing.
  4. Players will need to inform coaches privately if their health has changed since filling in the questionnaire. If feeling unwell the advice is to stay at home and do not come to session.
  5. Toilets are open at the side of clubhouse again if using facilities good hand hygiene needs to take place.
  6. Toilets are the only facilities open in the clubhouse. If having a game before 20th July you need to arrive togged out and jersey will be given on pitch.

Click on link below for  full Guidelines:


Guidelines for Coaches/Covid Supervisor

  1. All equipment must be sanitized before the session, this is cones, footballs, poles etc.
  2. There is 30 mins overlap between each sessions, this allows one team to leave and other team to arrive. Sessions must be strictly adhered to regarding start and finish times.
  3. The Covid Supervisor takes a roll call of all the players in session and dates it in team sheets given to each group. This is for contact tracing.
  4. We will have washable laundry bags for bibs and jerseys so that players put them into it at end of session and can be put straight into washing machine.
  5. Each team group will get hand sanitizer/face masks/gloves for team bag
  6. At end of session all equipment again needs to be sanitized.
  7. Toilet area touch surface areas needs to be wiped down. Supplies and check sheet is in the toilet area. When wipe down is complete please sign in on sheet on door, please state time and date.
  8. Joe Larkin the club Covid Supervisor will from time to time do spot checks just to make sure everyone is adhering to the current guidelines.


Covid Officers

Club Covid Officer: Joe Larkin


Adult Teams: David Gannon, Stephen McDonnell, Robbie Moran.

U17: Mary Staunton

U15: Eamonn Loughrey

U13: Tricia McNeilis / Ger Ryan

U11: Mary Staunton

U9: Lisa McVann/Alice Larkin 


Janet Moran

Aisling Dwyer

Lynda Gormley

Tara Quinn

Ruth Foley

Margaret Nangle

Paula O’Connor

Shana O’Reilly


Pitch Time table