Summerhill's earliest Junior title was way back in 1931; however it was not until 1972 when it rose to Senior ranks for the first time. Once there, Summerhill quickly rose to become the foremost team in the county, winning the Senior title four times in a row from 1974 to 1977 and becomeing the first Meath team to capture the Leinster title. The Keegan Cup returned to the 'Hill for the fifth time in 1986. In the early part of this decade, many sucesses at underage level have prepared the way for the rise of today's Summerhill team - in 2008 we reached the Senior final only to lose out to Navan O'Mahony's; however they say you have to lose one to win one! Summerhill were crowned Champions again in 2011 with a dramatic Replay and Extra-time win over Dunshaughlin.

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